2006 June questions – Essay Test

1 (a)

(i) What is Rhesus factor?

(ii) Explain why it is not advisable for a rhesus negative woman to marry a rhesus positive man.

1 (b)

(i) What is a solvent?

(ii) Explain why water serves as a solvent for most substances.

1 (c)

(i) State two factors which affect pressure at a point in a liquid.

(ii) Calculate the pressure at a point 2.0 m below the surface of a lake. (Density of water = 1000 kg m3, g=10 m s−2)

1 (d)
Name two breeds of

(i) Dairy cattle

(ii) Beef cattle

1 (e)

(i) What is a computer peripheral?

(ii) Give two examples of a computer peripheral.

2 (a)

(i) Distinguish between a hydrocarbon and an organic compound.

(ii) Identify each of the following compounds by the IUPAC names

(α) CH3COCH3

(β) CH3CHO


2 (b)

(i) Define power

(ii) Calculate the power output of a machine that lifts a 50.0 kg crate through a height of 20.0m in one minute.

2 (c)

(i) List three ways in which plants and animals are interdependent

(ii) What is a food web?

(iii) Draw a simple food web of an ecosystem

2 (d)

(i) What is oestrus in a farm animal?

(ii) List the signs of oestrus in farm animals.

3 (a)

(i) What is meant by neutral point field in a magnetic field?

(ii) Draw the magnetic lines if force around two magnets placed side by side as illustrated below; indicating the neutral points.


3 (b)

(i) What is colostrum?

(ii) State three benefits a young animal derives from feeding on colostrum.

3 (c)

(i) Distinguish between corrosion and rusting

(ii) Write a balanced equation to represent the rusting of iron

(iii) Describe how clotting of blood occurs

3 (d)
State four advantages of the use of computers.

4 (a)

(i) What is meant by contraception?

(ii) Give three methods of birth control.

4 (b)
Explain the importance of each of the following management practices in agriculture:

(i) Applying fertilizers to a fish-pond

(ii) Pricking out in a vegetable nursery

(iii) Top dressing in maize production

4 (c)

(i) What is meant by occupational hazard?

(ii) Explain the effects of occupational hazards

(iii) State two ways of preventing occupational hazards

4 (d)

(i) Draw and label a diagram of a hydraulic press

(ii) Explain briefly how the hydraulic press works.

5 (a)

(i) What is grafting?

(ii) State three factors to be considered when planting ornamental plants.

5 (b)

(i) Draw and label a diagram of a vacuum flask.

(ii) Describe briefly how heat gain and heat loss are minimized due to the construction of a vacuum flask.

5 (c)

(i) With the aid of a labelled diagram, describe the laboratory preparation of dry ammonia.

5 (d)

(i) What is an essential nutrient?

(ii) For each of the following deficiency diseases, state one nutrient that is lacking:

(α) Scurvy
(β) Beriberi
(γ) Rickets

5 (e)

(i) What is software as applied to the computer?

(ii) Name one group of software.