2006 June questions – Objective Test

1. Bacteria belong to the kingdom

A. fungi
B. plantae
C. prokaryotae
D. protoctista

2. The manufacture of plastics involves

A. Crystallization
B. fermentation
C. polymerization
D. vulcanization

3. Which of the following crops are sources of edible oil?

I. cowpea
II. groundnut
III. Soya bean

A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II and III only
D. I,II and III

4. Sound waves cannot undergo

A. diffraction
B. dispersion
C. reflection
D. refraction

5. Twins are described as Siamese when

A. both are female
B. one is a male and the other female
C. they are joined at some point
D. one is born several hours before the other

6. Fractional distillation can be used to produce

A. ethanol from palm wine
B. kerosene from crude oil
C. charcoal from wood
D. salt from sea water

7. The removal of plant nutrients by water percolation downwards from the reach of plants is known as

A. drainage
B. erosion
C. infiltration
D. leaching

8. Atmospheric air is a mixture because it

A. supports combustion
B. can be liquefied
C. contains more than two elements
D. has no definite compositions

9. Ectopic pregnancy may result in the

A. rupture of the oviduct
B. release of an ovum
C. contraction of the uterus
D. malfunctioning of the placenta

10. Which of the following ions can cause permanent hardness in water?

A. Ca2+
B. K+
C. Na+
D. Zn2+

11. The principal organic compound formed by fermentation of sugar is

A. ethanoic acid
B. ethanol
C. formic acid
D. methanol

12. Soil aeration could be improved by

A. application of inorganic fertilizers
B. drainage of excess water
C. irrigation
D. mulching

13. The constriction in a clinical thermometer

A. enables the mercury to remain in the bulb at very high temperatures
B. prevents the mercury from flowing back into the bulb
C. enables the mercury to expand uniformly
D. prevents the mercury from over-expanding

14. Which of the following statements is correct for an object placed in front of a convex mirror? The image is

A. behind the mirror
B. enlarged
C. inverted
D. real

15. The causative organism of whooping cough is

A. bacterium
B. fungus
C. worm
D. virus

16. The motion of a globe spinning on its axis is

A. circular
B. oscillatory
C. rectilinear
D. rotational

17. What is the colour of phenolphthalein in orange juice?

A. blue
B. colourless
C. pink
D. red

18. Germinating seed releases heat energy and carbon dioxide which is an indication that

A. heat is required for germination
B. seeds can supply energy to the body when eaten
C. seeds are living things
D. carbon dioxide is not required for germination

19. Partial shadow is also referred to as

A. eclipse
B. mirage
C. penumbra
D. umbra

20. Colostrum is very important for the feeding of newly-born mammals because its contains

A. carbohydrates for providing energy
B. antibodies, proteins and vitamins for initial growth
C. iron-rich substances for producing blood
D. substances that kill worms in the young mammal

21. Over-indulgence in the use of mobile phones could lead to

A. air pollution
B. irradiation of body tissues
C. rupture of the ear drum
D. the user becoming a talkative

22. Which of the following modes of heat transfer does not require a medium?

A. Conduction
B. Convection
C. Evaporation
D. Radiation

23. Which of the following fruits is a false fruit?

A. cashew
B. mango
C. pawpaw
D. pineapple

24. A solid of mass 300 g increases in temperature by 15°C. Calculate the amount of heat absorbed. [Specific heat capacity of the solid is 2100 J k-1]

A. 9 450 J
B. 94 500 J
C. 945 000 J
D. 9 450 000 J

25. Yam is staked in order to

A. prevent pest attack
B. enable the vine to develop more leaves
C. expose the leases to sunlight
D. allow the tubers to grow deep into the soil

26. Which of the following characteristics in humans is an indication of sexual maturity?

A. The ability to think deeply
B. growth of hairs in the pubic region
C. the ability to exercise self control
D. presence of grey hairs on the body

27. If the blood group of an individual is AB, then none of the parents could belong to blood group

A. A
B. B
D. O

28. Which of the following computer application programs can most effectively be used to produce financial records?

A. desktop publishing
B. graphics
C. spreadsheet
D. word processing

29. A farmer planted 2500 stands of maize at a rate of two seeds per stand. If there was 90% germination, determine the plant population.

A. 2250
B. 2777
C. 4500
D. 4750

30. Which of the following substances is used to disinfect fresh wounds?

A. ammonia solution
B. ethyl alcohol
C. hydrogen peroxide
D. iodine tincture

31. A farm gate price refers to the

A. price of the gate to a farm
B. salary of the farm gate keeper
C. price of a farm produce sold on the farm
D. price of a farm produce sold on the market

32. The excretory products of plants include

A. ammonia, gum and excess salt
B. gum, excess salt and urea
C. ammonia, latex and urea
D. gum, latex and excess salt

33. Which of the following substances is not a hydrocarbon?

A. Butane
B. Ethanol
C. Hexyne
D. Methane

34. Early parenthood may be brought about by

A. good financial standing of parents
B. high educational background
C. lack of moral training
D. low participation social activities

35. Which of the following of crops belong to the same group?

A. guinea corn and groundnut
B. sweet potato and soyabean
C. groundnut and soyabean
D. coconut and cocoyam

36. Which of the following activities is a reflex action

A. biting
B. dancing
C. singing
D. sneezing

37. The main source of vitamins for free range domestic fowls is

A. grains
B. insects
C. leaves
D. tubers

38. Which of the following groups of substances is made up of elements only?

A. argon, magnesium, phosphorus
B. chlorine, air, nitrogen
C. magnesium, bronze, hydrogen
D. petrol, alcohol, water

39. It is important to consider Rh factor during marriages because it may

A. affect the intelligence of children born
B. determine the weight of the child at birth
C. result in stillbirths
D. endanger the health of the mother

40. Hot water of mass 5.0 g at a temperature of 80°C is mixed with some cold water at a temperature of 25°C. If the final temperature of the mixture of the mixture is 30°C, determine the mass of the cold water

A. 50.0 g
B. 55.0 g
C. 75.0 g
D. 85.0 g

41. The device that enables one to photocopy a text or picture into a computer is the

A. modem
B. plotter
C. printer
D. scanner

42. Which of the following communities is not an ecosystem?

A. classroom
B. grassland
C. rainforest
D. swamp

43. One system of unhealthy condition in cattle is

A. a shiny coat
B. the skin becoming soft
C. a moist muzzle
D. standing with the head held downwards

44. The image formed by a converging mirror is at infinity when the object is placed

A. between the focal point and the pole
B. between the focal point and the centre of curvature
C. beyond the centre of curvature
D. at the focal point

45. Bougainvillea is an ornamental plant that is normally grown as

A. an avenue plant
B. a hedging plant
C. a shading plant
D. a wind-break plant

46. If the normal human body temperature is 36'C, what is its equivalent value on the kelvin scale?

A. 173.0 K
B. 236.4 K
C. 309.6 K
D. 312.0 K

47. Which of the following substances gives a pH greater than 7 when in solution?

A. ammonia
B. carbon dioxide
C. hydrogen chloride
D. vinegar

48. The keyboard of a computer is an input device because it

A. is one of the main parts of the computer
B. is used to capture data into the computer
C. has many functional keys
D. can store information for future use

49. In order for inhalation to take place

A. the rib cage must be lowered
B. muscles of the diaphragm must be relaxed
C. pressure in the lungs must be reduced
D. the volume of the thoracic cavity must be reduced

50. Which of the following metals does not react with water at room temperature?

A. calcium
B. iron
C. magnesium
D. sodium

51. Which of the following breeds of cattle is a high producer of milk?

A. Friesian
B. Red Bororo
C. Sanga
D. Sokoto Gudali

52. The ability of the unaided human eye to see clearly from both far and near is termed

A. accommodation
B. astigmatism
C. hypermetropia
D. myopia

53. In which of the following media does sound travel fastest?

A. air
B. steel
C. water
D. vacuum

54. Which of the following statements about a plant cell is true?

A. it contains a few large vacuoles
B. it is surrounded by a cell membrane only
C. it does not have a definite shape
D. it does not have a nucleus

55. A person with red, sore eyes may be suffering from

A. cholera
B. malaria
C. measles
D. typhoid

(Use the circuit diagram below to answer Questions 56 and 57)

2006 Wassce Science Objective Test, Question 56, 57 diagram

56. The source of the current is represented by

A. I

57. The part labeled V denotes

A. ammeter
B. galvanometer
C. resistor
D. switch

58. Which of the following statements about short-sight is false?

A. it is defect of the human eye
B. the image of a near object is formed in front of the retina
C. the defect results from the eyeball being short
D. distant object may not be seen

59. Which of the following statements about the centre of gravity of a body is correct? Its position

A. is fixed even if the body carries extra load
B. depends on atmospheric pressure acting on it
C. changes with loading
D. does not depend on the shape of the body

60. The sizes of computer diskettes include

A. 2 ½ inches and 4 ½ inches
B. 3 ½ inches and 5 ¼
C. 3 ½ inches and 5 ¼
D. 4 inches and 6 ½ inches