2007 June questions – Essay Test

1 (a)

(i) Explain the term mulching.

(ii) Give two advantages of mulching.

1 (b)

(i) Draw and label a diagram of a hydrometer.

(ii) Describe briefly how the density of a liquid is determined with a hydrometer.

1 (c)

Explain each of the following terms:

(i) Mass number

(ii) Relative atomic mass

1 (d)

(i) What is biotechnology?

(ii) Give two examples of food items that can be produced using biotechnology.

1 (e)
List the three stages involved in processing data with a computer.

2 (a)

(i) What is a thermostat?

(ii) Name two appliances which use thermostat.

(iii) The resistance of a current-carrying conductor is 5Ω. If the potential difference across its ends is 120 V, calculate the current flowing through the conductor.

2 (b)

(i) Describe the mechanism of inhalation in humans.

(ii) State two harmful effects of smoking in humans

2 (c)
Draw the structural formulae of the isomers of C5H12 and name each of them

2 (d)
State three reasons for keeping farm records.

3 (a)

(i) What is a polymer?

(ii) Give one example each of the following:

(α) Natural polymer
(β) Synthetic polymer

3 (b)
Explain each of the following terms as applied to poultry production:

(i) Culling

(ii) Brooding

3 (c)
Give three uses of computers in a school

3 (d)

(i) What is lymph?

(ii) State two functions of lymph.

3 (e)

(i) State the principle of floatation.

(ii) Explain the principle underlying the flying of paper kite.

4 (a)
State two functions each of the following organs associated with digestion:

(i) Liver
(ii) Pancreas

4 (b)

(i) Name two sources of protein for feeding farm animals.

(ii) State two reasons for castrating farm animals

4 (c)

(i) Distinguish between real image and virtual image.

(ii) An object is placed 20.0 cm in front of a converging lens of focal length 15.0 cm.

(α) Draw a ray diagram to show the position of the object.
(β) Calculate the image distance.

4 (d)

(i) Why is it necessary to soften water before it is used in laundries?

(ii) Describe one method by which permanent hardness of water can be removed.

5 (a)

(i) Name two gases that are air pollutants.

(ii) Describe briefly how a gaseous air pollutant may be spread by a moving mass of air.

5 (b)

(i) Explain how covalent bonds are formed.

(ii) Give one example each of covalent and ionic bonds.

5 (c)

(i) Give the names of three different types of joint found in humans.

(ii) Name one part of the human body where each type of joint you have named could be found.

5 (d)

(i) What is malnutrition?

(ii) State three effects of malnutrition.

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